Sunday, August 29, 2010

Things to Look Forward To

I find myself once again unable to sleep, despite a busy day. Of course, it may also have something to do with the power sleep marathon I had last night. 10 hours? That's not my usual amount of sleep, that's for certain!

So, I get up, and go about my business, getting those pesky games I insist on playing out of the way. Why do I play them? I don't know. I've asked myself the same question hundreds of times, but for some reason I just can't stay away long. I personally think it has something to do with a big score, but it is hard to explain these things sometimes.

Anyway, I digress. I went to my grandmother's house late, did some cleaning (enough to make my back ache pretty bad) and came home. I wanted to get back to my games and work on my story that was nearly finished. I had a somewhat nice meal, and got back on the computer, running the new Virtual Villager's game while typing out my little heart. I love the website I work for, and for the last month I've been working as lightly as I could. But I do want some stuff to get done, and my quota to be met for the month. But there is something going on in the back of my head that is very distracting.

School starts again tomorrow!

I'm excited. I took the summer off, and really missed the learning environment. I did manage to finish the project I was working on... and alas, three of my villagers died while I was busy... but I ended up being unable to sleep. I haven't opened my books yet, and there is still that class I'm waitlisted on that hasn't cleared. People tell me to just show up, and I'll get in, but I do worry about it. My schedule is perfect this semester, except for the need to get up at 6am on Saturday as well as the rest of the week. But I can deal with that. I'll be learning again!

This IS exciting stuff. I took classes I want rather than just classes I'll need. Should make for a fun semester, unlike the last.

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